20130106_182611_HDRFor years I have wanted to own an AR15. Recently I decided to bite the bullet (bad pun) and get one. After looking around I saw the overwhelming number of options. However, none of the seemed to be just what I wanted. The cheaper versions lacked some of the specific features I was looking for but the models that did have what I wanted were much more expensive due to a lot of other extras that I didn’t want to pay for either! Being that I like building things even more than actually using them generally, I decided I would just jump right in and assemble my own from scratch. This is an on-going project and will hopefully end in the completion of my first AR.

The first thing I did was start looking at the plethora of internet forums covering AR15’s. As is common with forums, there is a lot of mixed information. Trying to find the articles and posts that are more objective is a challenge. I also made a post on my Harley Designs Facebook page and was able to find a couple guys that knew me from RCcrawler.com that were much more involved than your typical weekend warrior. I had a basic general working knowledge of how the firearm worked but a friend (Thanks Jeff) walked me through each component and what I should look for in them. I was able to narrow down the products and models of many of my pieces before starting my search for available parts. Budget was the biggest concern while doing this. Trying to balance quality and price is not an easy task, and again, very subjective! Due to recent events most AR15 parts are extremely hard to come by without paying extremely inflated prices. I have been researching and picking up the pieces I find at reasonable prices as I go. Only time will tell if these prices will come back down. If not…then this project will likely be scrapped.


20130106_182431_HDRThe basis of the firearm is the lower receiver. I decided on a Mega Arms forged stripped lower receiver which I ordered through MidwestPX.com, a local business that is run out of a residence. Along with the lower receiver I also purchased a Daniel Defense lower parts kit with the single stage trigger as well as a Magpul Pmag.





I wanted to match the upper receiver to my lower receiver in hopes of keeping tolerances and anodizing finish closer to each other in the end. This was probably not really that important but it didn’t cause me much headache either. I was able to find a stripped upper receiver from Articshootingsupply.us for a reasonable price. At that time I also ordered my forward assist and ejection port door assembly.


20130106_182353_HDRNext piece of the puzzle I was able to locate was the charging handle and buffer tube. The BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle from Bravocompanyusa.com had been suggested to me and Bravo Company is one of the few places that aren’t unreasonably raising their prices. However they did establish a minimum order so I also picked up my buffer tube, receiver back plate and castle nut to put my order over the $80 mark.


I’ll make new posts on the rest of the parts as I find them.