XR16For many years the 2.2 Class (now being called 2.2 Pro) has been the premier class in RC rock crawling. For the last couple of years the Axial Racing XR10 has been the choice for many of the top drivers in this class. I have been using this truck as my base since it was released in 2010. Since then almost every part has been replaced to make it the comp rig you see below. The most noticable change is the custom chassis. I designed and machined this chassis as I have done many times in the past. However this time I made the point of being more weight conscience as I designed it. This rig was not meant to be the uber-light as some have gone to but I still wanted to get down into the mid 4-pound range.


RTR Weight: 4.66 lbs


  • Team HD Revision MOA
  • Minimal panels
  • Freqeskinz Skinz


  • In-house Titanium Lower Links
  • In-house Aluminum Upper Links
  • Traxxas 3.5″ Big Bore
  • Mini-T Springs

Front Axle:

  • VP Upper Link Mount
  • VP Trans Housing
  • VP Motor Plate
  • VP Axle Top
  • VP C-hubs
  • VP Wraith Knuckles
  • Chaotic Crawlers Tie-rod
  • Axial CF Servo Plate
  • Axial Universals
  • Axial Hardened Gears
  • Rowdy Racing Topless Battery Mount
  • Rowdy Racing Behind The Axle Mount
  • BWD Motor Saver

Rear Axle:

  • VP Upper Link Mount
  • VP Trans Housing
  • VP Motor Plate
  • VP Axle Top
  • VP Straight Axle Adapters
  • Axial Hardened Gears
  • In-house Titanium Axle Shafts
  • BWD Motor Saver


  • Futaba 4PKS-R Radio
  • Futaba 614 RX
  • Futaba BLS157 Servo
  • Holmes Hobbies 13t Crawlmaster x 2
  • Tekin FXR ESC x 2
  • Castle BEC
  • Turnigy 860 3s Lipo

Rolling Stock:

  • VP SLW V4 Wheels – Front
  • In-house CF Beadlocks – Rear
  • Losi Boss Claws
  • Crawler Innovations Closed Cell Foams – 5.25 Inner w/soft outer


After I did the CAD design of the chassis I cut a prototype chassis out of some 1/16″ polycarbonate to check for any major design issues. Here is a short video of my Taig CNC Mill cutting out the chassis.

After cutting the plates I cut and drilled all of the chassis spacers and mocked up the parts. The design came out great on the first shot and I didn’t feel the need to make any changes to the program for the final pieces which would be cut from carbon fiber.


Rear Axle Shafts

I had previously been running some beefy chromoly rear axle shafts, however now that I had the truck on a diet I saw these as a big source of potential weight loss. I ordered in a stick of 1/4″ titanium to make a new set of lighter weight but still beefier than stock axle shafts.

Wheels and Tires

To save weight on this truck I decided to run a slightly different wheel and tire combo than I had tried in the past. Many people have been using carbon fiber to build wheels lately, however these wheels are not nearly as strong as the Vanquish wheels I have been running. I watched multiple sets of these wheels break at the USRCCA Nationals this year in Alabama. With this truck still being heavier than some of the other trucks I didn’t want to take too big of a risk. I decided to do a hybrid setup, using the Vanquish Products SLW wheels up front with  a custom carbon fiber ring that would match the custom carbon fiber beadlock I would be making for the rear. I ended up with a set of wheels that appear to match even though they are substantially different. Using the SLW’s up front allows me to keep the strength where I need it.

Final Touches

Like almost all of my trucks, I wanted to have a wrap designed and printed. I use Neal with Freq E Designs to do pretty much all of my work.

Who's Truck?

Who’s Truck?


A Unique Finish

My local club, KCRC, had a special event last season. We decided to have our first ever outdoor night comp. I figured if I was going to add lights to my rig that I needed to do it with style!