A few years ago I bought this GSG 5 Carbine from a local shop. There were rumors of production being stopped due to a lawsuit being filed by HK due to it infringing on their MP5’s design. I wanted a new plinker and had heard tons of good things about this gun, so it seemed like a good excise to pick it up. I can’t say I closely followed the lawsuit or even cared too much about the outcome after that. My first impressions of the gun were fairy good, however the stock was pretty flimsy feeling but that was my only criticism. Initially I left the gun fairly stock, adding only a cheap red dot optic and picking up a couple more magazines for it.


I had ejection problems that would annoy me from the very beginning. I was only using CCI ammo but still I wasn’t getting consistent results. After every 300-400 rounds I had to tear down and clean the action or shells would stop ejecting correctly. After a couple thousand rounds I ended up having persistent issues. I noticed the cast metal at the end combustion area ended up cracking and blowing out. I contacted ATI and was finally able to get a replacement barrel free of charge. After replacing the barrel I took the rifle back out and put some rounds through, much better.

The barrel replacement was the first time I had fully torn down the gun. This got me into the mood to do some upgrades. Also after the last time out I noticed that the stock had almost completely busted out around the pin connection. This made for any easy starting point for the first upgrades. Last week I decided to pick up a set of HK takedown pins, a hardware upgrade kit and finally a Classic Army retractable stock.

I’ll be excited to receive the parts and start the upgrading process.