finishI can’t say that I know exactly where this ridiculous idea originated but for one reason or another I got dead set on the idea of building a downhill big wheel. I couldn’t leave the idea at that though, I had to over complicate it. I decided that I wanted this big wheel to have a full suspension. So the planning begun…

cutBeing that suspension was my primary concern, the first piece I started looking for was s full suspension mountain bike. Craigslist made quick work of this and I scored a Walmart special for about $40. The bike had a steel frame which made it easy to cut up and use for parts, a big plus. All that was used was basically the front end assembly and neck from the frame as well as the rear shock. The suspension design was not going to be overly complicated, a simple one link rear swing arm with a track bar to locate the axle laterally. I located another matching rear shock at a local bike shop for $10.
fabThe initial mock up was done with some small rolling stock off of an old scooter type thing. These were quickly dismissed after looking at the hub strength. The first test ride was done using some wheels and tires used typically on moving dollies. After a few runs down the hill however stress cracks were discovered on the inside of the wheel, so they were trashed as well. After more searching we found a source for shifter kart wheels and tires. The front wheels and tires of a kart simply use a spindle so they are perfect for our application.

twoSeating and style is always a main concern of mine. I had a picture in my head how I wanted the trike to look, I was thinking of a hot rod type theme. During testing we bolted on a fiberglass go-cart seat that was available but that wasn’t going to cut it in the end. I wanted to find an old tractor seat. After searching Craigslists I found that people were pretty proud of the old ones, so I went to Tractor Supply and picked up a brand new one for about $40.


After that it was simply a matter of painting the whole thing with a coat of flat black and ride this thing down some hills!