The only unused room in the house is finally finding a purpose. It was planned to be our office/shipping room for the hardware sales and such but we have decided to add some livability as well. I have a tendency to create a whirlwind of clutter behind me worse that Taz! So maybe (doubtful) if we have a less formal area I can consolidate this slightly.



This is the only part I’m really good at and with Nicole’s help we came up with a solid layout. The computer from the living room will be moving in here, as well as a couch from Nicole’s old loft apartment. The sewing table that was planned for screw sorting duties will be moved to where my old bookcases are sitting. The bookcases will be banished to the dungeon (basement) as will the other section of my computer desk. The image

new TV will get wall mounted to maximize floor space and will swivel out for easy viewing anywhere in the room. The area above the doorway will be getting a large shelf/ledge built for lots of extra storage, a curtain will hang in front for a little concealment. I already removed the closet doors and this area will be reporposed with a vanity for Nicole to relocate her makeup and such out of the smallish single upstairs image

bathroom. I’ll block off the pass through closet design and shorten the clothes rod so it isn’t in the way. Nicole has plans for some curtains on the back wall as well as a large pegboard for organizing on the north wall. Some paint  stencils and such are also in her plans somewhere, who knows what that actually means. There are lots of other little details that have already been discussed as well, such as styles for a small coffee table and some wall shelving.

The project is just now starting, but the outcome could be drastically different. The best laid plans…