I really didn’t expect flying this quad to be as easy as it is. Never flying before had me pretty nervous to just grab the sticks and throw this thing in the air. I am still not very smooth and have issues with orientation often but I still feel confident with the rig up in the air. After just a small handful of packs through the ‘copter I decided I would mount the GoPro directly to the chassis with a standard GoPro mount and try some aerial video. The 6 mins of video I took yielded me with just enough stable video to throw this little compilation together.

I enjoyed watching the footage as much as I did flying the quad, so I moved right along to ordering myself a new set of landing gear and camera gimbal. This system was advertised for the Flamewheel 450 chassis which should work perfectly for my current knock-off version. I had recently tried to order a full Flamewheel 450 (genuine) but the site took forever and when I emailed to ask about the status I simply got a refund notification through PayPal. When this piece arrives I will get my servos ordered and attempt to tune the setup. Again, something totally new to me.



I would really like to get into making some higher quality videos for a handful of different reasons. Always looking for new opportunities of course! I may look into a mid/high grade point-and-shoot camera to do some photos, but I need to feel a little more confident in my landing abilities before that happens.