imageThis is an addition that has been near the top of my “want” list since I built the quad. I was searching eBay for just a simple landing gear setup for the Flamewheel 450 chassis when I ran across a listing for a combo package. The package included the landing gear as well as a gimbal kit. The listing was $66 plus $14 shipping, after a 2 week shipping time (with some extra stress induced due to some poor USPS tracking info showing the package as delivered 4 days earlier than actually true) the unassembled kit finally arrived.



wpid-20130521_161247.jpgThe landing gear looked straightforward to assemble, although no instructions were included. I was able to look at the picture from the original listing and quickly see how everything was intended to be used. Then onto the gimbal. This bag of parts was a PAIN to assemble. The parts were cut with a very tight tolerance so fitting them together took some sanding and tapping with a small brass hammer. I super glued any pieces that weren’t captured and then sanded off any excess to make sure it looked it’s best. The design is OK, but I wouldn’t say it’s great. after sanding the on the pivot bushings everything moves nice and freely and I am ready to install servos and test it out.

Here is a video look around the setup shortly after installing it onto the quad.