Here is a preview into the newest build that is planned to emerge from my shop. I’m going to introduce you to my parts list and my thinking behind why this rig will be my take on the ULTIMATE G6 Rock Racer, the conception of “Hit and Run.” One week from tomorrow is the 2013 Goat Hill Scale Team Challenge. I sit here today without a running 2.2 scale rig, crazy to think! I sold the Jimmy’s 4×4 Ultra4 Wraith this week and that has put me in a position to fill the void. The day I sold the rig I spared no time getting everything on the way to build my ultimate Wraith PERFORMANCE (and style) truck for G6 style events. This truck will start as an Axial Ready-to-Run Wraith Rock Racer, hands down my favorite RC to ever hit the market. By the time the flag drops for the event, you will be stretching to recognize it.

Get Ready, Get Set, Wait…

wraith7 Days to go. I just confirmed with Axial that my new Wraith RTR, the biggest piece of the puzzle, has already begun it’s journey to my shop. My Jimmy’s 4×4 Wraith was an awesome rig but it was not the performer that I was looking for. The thinking behind this truck is to keep the Wraith chassis (for the most part). The Wraith chassis has proven it’s durability and capability while also being LIGHT. I will be doing a few modifications for style, performance, and usability.  Now, I will admit that I can’t make all of my decisions on this truck for performance reasons only, no matter what it still has to look good. So while plastic axle housings would work just fine for quite awhile, they have to go. Sitting underneath this truck will be a set of the newest Currie Rockjock 70 axles. Instead of getting windy on the rest of the parts, here is the list of what to look forward to.


  • Starting with a stock RTR.
  • VP Currie Axles
  • VP Wraith knuckles
  • VP C-hubs
  • VP VVD’s
  • VP Lockers
  • VP Extreme Duty Bushings
  • Axial HD gears
  • Super Shafty Bombproof Trans
  • VP Ti Links
  • MIP Driveshafts
  • VP SLW’s or VP Enduros
  • Pitbulls Rockbeast II 
  • DMG Stiffy fastback chassis mods
  • DMG HD Bumper and supports
  • 4″ Proline Powerstroke shocks for Slash
  • Castle Mamba Max Pro
  • Tekin Roc 412 3100KV
  • Futaba BLS157
  • Castle BEC
  • TziWorld Beefy Winch
  • TziWorld Beefy Winch controller
  • 3s 2200 Lipos
  • Full Throttle Scale Design custom seats
  • FreqEskinZ Wraith Exterior and Interior Wraps
  • Custom Painted Wild Willys figure by Norm Hoppe
  • Headhunter Head for WW figure from FreqEskinZ


It’s a Race to the Race

I’ll be posting updates as I go, but right now it’s a waiting game for all my parts to start rolling in. My mailman has his work cut out for him!