The Axial Wraith is my favorite RC ever, hands down. However, sometimes you want to change the look up and have something a little different than everyone else. Local RC Master Fabricator Jerry Justice from the Death Metal Garage (DMG) builds what he calls a “Stiffy Kit”. These parts are made from aluminum to keep the weight down and completely change the style of the Wraith. These parts are NOT EASY to get. Jerry is a one man operation and is constantly working on something different. You can only contact him through RCCrawler, user name “the DMG”. Getting a response is not promised, he gets slammed with requests and just can’t keep up with everything.

This video walks you through what went into installing my Stiffy Kit into the Hit & Run Ultimate G6 Axial Wraith. I also touch on the process of making some custom aluminum panels to change the look of your wraith even further. I will try and get some PDF templates uploaded for those if you want to make your own.