Selecting tires for the Hit & Run Wraith was not the hardest choice I had to make for the build. The Pitbull Rockbeast II’s have been praised for their performance since they were released last September. Selecting your tire is barely half the battle however, the Pitbull’s do not come with foams out of the package. I contacted Eddie @ Crawler Innovations and brought him up to speed with my current plan. He was just about to release his new Comp Cut Closed Cell inner foam. This new inner design allows for the foam to better fill the sidewall of the tires and also work better on as many wheel widths as possible. I shot the following video late at night before the Goat Hill Scale Team Challenge, it will give you a little bit of insight into my setup and how I felt they performed. I couldn’t be happier with how this rig performed.

Thank you again to Crawler Innovations for providing me with a fantastic product.