I started to lose a bead on one of my rear tires and while removing the wheel I noticed I had started to spin the plastic hub adapter on the stock Trail Ready beadlocks. So I decided to upgrade to the VP hex hubs that these wheels were designed around.

Stock Track Width (outside of tire): 11.25″

I chose to use the VP 475 SLW hubs: VANQUISH SLW WHEEL HUBS

You need a set of 12mm Hexes: Axial Racing 12mm Aluminum Hex Hub (black) (4pcs) #AX30429 – The Crawlers Store LLC

You will also need 4-40 hardware to for the hubs, I already had plenty laying around the shop. I don’t know of a hardware pack for them just yet but I’ll see what I can find out about that. The hardware in the stock axial hubs is 3mm and will not work with the new hubs. You can purchase 50 pieces of hardware for about $6 + shipping through McMaster –> http://www.mcmaster.com/#92185a107/=ndldq8

Install was straight forward.

With the 475 hubs, the track width went up to 11.75″, a gain of .500″ total. If you want to retain the stock track width you would want to go with the 225 hubs from VP. I will be staying with the 475’s as I like the increased width.