GSG Gets Retractable Stock, Hardware and Push Pins


The last time I took the GSG out the stock ended up cracking at the take down pin hole. Replacing the stock was on the top of my list ever since I got this gun. The factory stock always felt like a toy to me. While I was ordering I figured I might as well pick up a couple of the other popular upgrades as well. So when my order from finally arrived and I was anxious to get to work.

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GSG 5 Carbine


A few years ago I bought this GSG 5 Carbine from a local shop. There were rumors of production being stopped due to a lawsuit being filed by HK due to it infringing on their MP5’s design. I wanted a new plinker and had heard tons of good things about this gun, so it seemed like a good excise to pick it up. I can’t say I closely followed the lawsuit or even cared too much about the outcome after that. My first impressions of the gun were fairy good, however the stock was pretty flimsy feeling but that was my only criticism. Initially I left the gun fairly stock, adding only a cheap red dot optic and picking up a couple more magazines for it.

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AR15 Build Intro

20130106_182611_HDRFor years I have wanted to own an AR15. Recently I decided to bite the bullet (bad pun) and get one. After looking around I saw the overwhelming number of options. However, none of the seemed to be just what I wanted. The cheaper versions lacked some of the specific features I was looking for but the models that did have what I wanted were much more expensive due to a lot of other extras that I didn’t want to pay for either! Being that I like building things even more than actually using them generally, I decided I would just jump right in and assemble my own from scratch. This is an on-going project and will hopefully end in the completion of my first AR.

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