Limited Edition Transmission Cases

Rick @ just sent me a sneak peak of his newest pieces that just came in from coating. Rick was able to work with Vanquish Products to get a batch of raw transmission cases so that he could put his own custom touch on them. What you are seeing is a 3 color annodized finish. These limited edition pieces will be available only through so if you want something different than anyone else, you’ll have to get moving!

Can you guess which one of the two special colors is mine?


Waterproofing a Sensored Brushless Motor and ESC – Corrosion X

This time around I decided to change up my process and use Corrosion X to waterproof my setup. I will still seal up the motor with RTV around the motor plate itself and I will continue to apply dielectric grease to the sensor cable ports. This is just an extra layer of protection for the motor itself. In the event that any water did get in there, this should stop any damage. Corrosion X is not a permanent solution, over time you may want to reapply the liquid to the parts. I may do this twice a year. Here is the video showing you my process on my Castle Mamba Max Pro and a Tekin ROC 412.

Week 1 – Before the First Run

Before I ever run this truck I will be doing a couple mods to help parts last as long as possible.

First, adding a Castle BEC to allow the stock ESC to run on 3s LiPO. Here is the method I use to wire in my BEC.


Second, changing the gearing to something that will not stress the stock Axial 20t motor so much. I chose to switch to an 84t spur and 16t pinion.


Week #1 Video

Check back every Thursday for updates on this build.

Axial Poison Spyder Wraith – $50 Budget Build

Here is the newest truck into the shop, the Axial Poison Spyder Edition Wraith. It rolled in last week during the rush to finish up my Hit & Run build. Since I had just finished building my version of the “
Ultimate” Wraith I sat down and talked through what I was contemplating for this truck. I posted the following video on my YouTube channel and asked people their thoughts. The majority seemed to agree with my initial idea, my version of a “Budget Build”. When I say budget build I don’t mean cheap parts, as I fully believe in the saying that “You get what you pay for”.


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Landing Gear and Camera Gimbal

imageThis is an addition that has been near the top of my “want” list since I built the quad. I was searching eBay for just a simple landing gear setup for the Flamewheel 450 chassis when I ran across a listing for a combo package. The package included the landing gear as well as a gimbal kit. The listing was $66 plus $14 shipping, after a 2 week shipping time (with some extra stress induced due to some poor USPS tracking info showing the package as delivered 4 days earlier than actually true) the unassembled kit finally arrived.
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Quadcopter chassis choices – Saving $$$?

As you can read in my other articles on my quad project, I chose to skimp on the chassis and purchase the Hobbyking knockoff version of the DJI Flamewheel. After the first crash I broke one of the arms. I was able to bandaid the arm to keep me flying but I ordered a pair of authentic DJI replacement arms. I wanted to show the significant difference in the products. I’ll be purchasing a complete Flamewheel chassis to swap over. No money saved this time!

Mtroniks Sound Unit – Intro and Install

Last night I was able to install the unit however I ran out of time before I was really able to get into testing it. I will get some running video very soon as well as get the speaker mounted properly! The deepness of the sound is lost through the recording process but I will work on trying to get a more accurate representation of the sound.

Mtroniks V8 Sound Unit


I’ve been looking for an affordable quality sound unit for several years. Everything that I have ran across before either had terrible sound quality or was far too expensive due to it bundling the sound unit with an ESC (that was never appropriate for a crawler) and LED driver, or made for airplanes and tanks and didn’t have any usable sounds (and still too expensive). While browsing RCCrawler the other day I ran across a link for the Mtroniks V8 sound unit. It looked promising and and seemed to have features that were applicable to the crawling market, such as being fully waterproof. I contacted Mtroniks and had one on the way shortly after.

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Vaterra Twin Hammers First Look


I got the call yesterday from Eric at Hobbytown here in Kansas City, my Vaterra Twin Hammers arrived! I tore into the box and started examining the fit and finish of the rig. The plastic has solid feel and there is very little slop in anything. I planned to strip out all of the stock electronics right away, so I took the opportunity to tear down the truck and inspect the details of the build. This is not a review of the stock performance. You can look at countless other reviews of how the stock truck will work. I will be throwing in some big brushless power and trying to find any weak points.

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GSG Gets Retractable Stock, Hardware and Push Pins


The last time I took the GSG out the stock ended up cracking at the take down pin hole. Replacing the stock was on the top of my list ever since I got this gun. The factory stock always felt like a toy to me. While I was ordering I figured I might as well pick up a couple of the other popular upgrades as well. So when my order from finally arrived and I was anxious to get to work.

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