Vanquish Products Vaterra Twin Hammers Rear Trailing Arms

I received some first release pieces of the brand new Vanquish Products rear Trailing Arms for the Vaterra Twin Hammers. This video goes in depth on the design and function of the arms, as well as a little bit of running footage.

Ebay Gimbal – Bench Test

My two Futaba BLS257 servos came in and I was ready to get moving on setting up the gimbal. Dialing in the servos was not too hard but did take some time. The gimbal servos plug into the Motor positions 7 and 8. My initial numbers were around 550 for roll and 750 for pitch but I need a longer servo arm on my pitch servo so that will get dropped down soon.

Test flight footage is coming soon!


Landing Gear and Camera Gimbal

imageThis is an addition that has been near the top of my “want” list since I built the quad. I was searching eBay for just a simple landing gear setup for the Flamewheel 450 chassis when I ran across a listing for a combo package. The package included the landing gear as well as a gimbal kit. The listing was $66 plus $14 shipping, after a 2 week shipping time (with some extra stress induced due to some poor USPS tracking info showing the package as delivered 4 days earlier than actually true) the unassembled kit finally arrived.
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Quadcopter chassis choices – Saving $$$?

As you can read in my other articles on my quad project, I chose to skimp on the chassis and purchase the Hobbyking knockoff version of the DJI Flamewheel. After the first crash I broke one of the arms. I was able to bandaid the arm to keep me flying but I ordered a pair of authentic DJI replacement arms. I wanted to show the significant difference in the products. I’ll be purchasing a complete Flamewheel chassis to swap over. No money saved this time!

Mtroniks Sound Unit – Intro and Install

Last night I was able to install the unit however I ran out of time before I was really able to get into testing it. I will get some running video very soon as well as get the speaker mounted properly! The deepness of the sound is lost through the recording process but I will work on trying to get a more accurate representation of the sound.

GoPro Aerial Footage on the Quad

I really didn’t expect flying this quad to be as easy as it is. Never flying before had me pretty nervous to just grab the sticks and throw this thing in the air. I am still not very smooth and have issues with orientation often but I still feel confident with the rig up in the air. After just a small handful of packs through the ‘copter I decided I would mount the GoPro directly to the chassis with a standard GoPro mount and try some aerial video. The 6 mins of video I took yielded me with just enough stable video to throw this little compilation together.

I enjoyed watching the footage as much as I did flying the quad, so I moved right along to ordering myself a new set of landing gear and camera gimbal. This system was advertised for the Flamewheel 450 chassis which should work perfectly for my current knock-off version. I had recently tried to order a full Flamewheel 450 (genuine) but the site took forever and when I emailed to ask about the status I simply got a refund notification through PayPal. When this piece arrives I will get my servos ordered and attempt to tune the setup. Again, something totally new to me.



I would really like to get into making some higher quality videos for a handful of different reasons. Always looking for new opportunities of course! I may look into a mid/high grade point-and-shoot camera to do some photos, but I need to feel a little more confident in my landing abilities before that happens.

Jimmy’s 4×4 Ultra4 Wraith

There isn’t much “Wraith” left in this rig but it did transform piece by piece from an Axial WraithRTR given to me by Axial as a media version. Getting into the entire backstory of this rig would take me pages and pages, so we’ll skip the history lesson for today.  The build thread on RCCrawler is nearly 140 pages long and approaching 400,000 views. If you want to read the full story, check it out here: Jimmy’s 4×4 Build Thread.

Now, lets move onto the updates for the 2013 Season!

Walkaround the Doodlebug

While doing some recent videos in the shop I thought I would do a little closer look at this rig. It has always been one of my favorites.

IBEX is almost a roller!

This project has been moving along very quickly and I couldn’t be happier about it. I hope to have this rig RUNNING by the end of the weekend. Here is a link to my latest video showing you the progress so far.





This has been one of my favorite projects. I think I officially started the build in 2011 but was planning on it since 2010. I have never had a project go on as long as this one has and still end up getting finished. This has been my most unconventional build from the start, and not everyone was exactly on board with the idea. Being that most people have never heard of the term Doodlebug or the context in which it is being used was probably the biggest issue. Anyway… here is a short recap on my little project.

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