Video Walkaround the XR10

Sometimes it is hard to get the full idea of these rigs from the pictures and text in the articles. So while I have been on my recent video kick, I figured I might as well knock this truck out too!

Axial XR10 Comp Rig

XR16For many years the 2.2 Class (now being called 2.2 Pro) has been the premier class in RC rock crawling. For the last couple of years the Axial Racing XR10 has been the choice for many of the top drivers in this class. I have been using this truck as my base since it was released in 2010. Since then almost every part has been replaced to make it the comp rig you see below. The most noticable change is the custom chassis. I designed and machined this chassis as I have done many times in the past. However this time I made the point of being more weight conscience as I designed it. This rig was not meant to be the uber-light as some have gone to but I still wanted to get down into the mid 4-pound range.

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