Light Bar Mount Fabrication

The Hit & Run Wraith has been a blast to drive. An upcoming RECON G6 is coming to Missouri and there is some night running that is promised to occur. I needed to get my lighting situation figured out ASAP so that I could be sure that nobody would mistake who’s truck was coming. This is just the first part of this task, more will come soon on what the full plan of attack is to be…

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Wraith Short Side Panel and Battery Box Templates

While I was working on the Hit & Run I kept the paper templates I made to create my aluminum side panels and battery box. I scanned the templates in and traced them in CAD to make them available to everyone. I used .025″ aluminum sheet for the side panels and some thicker .040″ for the battery tray. You can use whatever thickess you like however. Simply download the PDF I have attached and print it out on your home printer. Make sure you DO NOT USE THE FIT TO PAGE option, you want to print this at full scale (no scaling). After you print the page, check the 1″ square box on the page to ensure you have printed this correctly.Clicke here to download the PDF –> Wraith Templates

Wraith Templates_Page_1

Hit & Run – Ready for the First Run!

I finished the Hit & Run Ultimate G6 Axial Wraith early in the morning the day of 2nd Annual KCRC Goat Hill Scale Team Challenge. This was a final overview of the build before it got taken out and beat on for the event!

FreqEskinZ – Hit & Run

I have already showed you my process on forming custom aluminum panels. Now the last step to wrapping up (bad pun) this build was to apply the Skinz from I worked out the design the week before and picked up the final prints just a few days later. I shot this video, once again, late at night while trying to finish this truck for the KCRC Goat Hill Scale Team Challenge.


Crawler Innovations Foams and Pitbull Rockbeast II’s

Selecting tires for the Hit & Run Wraith was not the hardest choice I had to make for the build. The Pitbull Rockbeast II’s have been praised for their performance since they were released last September. Selecting your tire is barely half the battle however, the Pitbull’s do not come with foams out of the package. I contacted Eddie @ Crawler Innovations and brought him up to speed with my current plan. He was just about to release his new Comp Cut Closed Cell inner foam. This new inner design allows for the foam to better fill the sidewall of the tires and also work better on as many wheel widths as possible. I shot the following video late at night before the Goat Hill Scale Team Challenge, it will give you a little bit of insight into my setup and how I felt they performed. I couldn’t be happier with how this rig performed.

Thank you again to Crawler Innovations for providing me with a fantastic product.

Hit & Run – Stiffy Kit & Custom Panels

The Axial Wraith is my favorite RC ever, hands down. However, sometimes you want to change the look up and have something a little different than everyone else. Local RC Master Fabricator Jerry Justice from the Death Metal Garage (DMG) builds what he calls a “Stiffy Kit”. These parts are made from aluminum to keep the weight down and completely change the style of the Wraith. These parts are NOT EASY to get. Jerry is a one man operation and is constantly working on something different. You can only contact him through RCCrawler, user name “the DMG”. Getting a response is not promised, he gets slammed with requests and just can’t keep up with everything.

This video walks you through what went into installing my Stiffy Kit into the Hit & Run Ultimate G6 Axial Wraith. I also touch on the process of making some custom aluminum panels to change the look of your wraith even further. I will try and get some PDF templates uploaded for those if you want to make your own.

Waterproofing a Sensored Brushless Motor and ESC – Corrosion X

This time around I decided to change up my process and use Corrosion X to waterproof my setup. I will still seal up the motor with RTV around the motor plate itself and I will continue to apply dielectric grease to the sensor cable ports. This is just an extra layer of protection for the motor itself. In the event that any water did get in there, this should stop any damage. Corrosion X is not a permanent solution, over time you may want to reapply the liquid to the parts. I may do this twice a year. Here is the video showing you my process on my Castle Mamba Max Pro and a Tekin ROC 412.

Hit & Run – TziWorld Winch Installation

A winch should be on your required list of performance mods if you plan on running a G6. For this Wraith build I planned to install my winch into this rig. This winch is a BEAST. The video walks you through my thought process to install this winch into my Axial Wraith.

Hit and Run – Ultimate G6 Wraith – Intro


Here is a preview into the newest build that is planned to emerge from my shop. I’m going to introduce you to my parts list and my thinking behind why this rig will be my take on the ULTIMATE G6 Rock Racer, the conception of “Hit and Run.” One week from tomorrow is the 2013 Goat Hill Scale Team Challenge. I sit here today without a running 2.2 scale rig, crazy to think! I sold the Jimmy’s 4×4 Ultra4 Wraith this week and that has put me in a position to fill the void. The day I sold the rig I spared no time getting everything on the way to build my ultimate Wraith PERFORMANCE (and style) truck for G6 style events. This truck will start as an Axial Ready-to-Run Wraith Rock Racer, hands down my favorite RC to ever hit the market. By the time the flag drops for the event, you will be stretching to recognize it.

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