Axial BFGoodrich Krawler Tire – Testing

The stock tires on Poison Spyder Wrath are a fairly stiff  in comparison to the most popular scale performance tires today. The large lugs have caused some discussion amongst scale enthusiasts in regards to their proportioning to this tires full size counterpart. Even though these are the harder compound that is found in most of Axial’s Ready-to-Run trucks, they didn’t do too bad on the rocks. These aren’t going to be making a big showing in the comp scene any time soon, but they still surprised me. I would still like to try the sticky versions of these, just to see how they do, but for now here is some side-by-side footage of these tires in the rocks. The other Wraiths in this video are highly modified but as you can see the PSC Wraith still was able to follow them around without too much effort.


Week 3 – MIP Driveshafts and Golden Horizons Servo Horn

This week’s upgrade chose itself. While running the truck at a construction site near my house I ended up trashing the stock driveshafts. The upgrade choice was easy as MIP’s are always my go to choice for tough driveshafts. While I was at it I also installed a Golden Horizon’s servo horn, I was NOT happy with this purchase however. The fit and quality was terrible, I will not be purchasing any products from Golden Horizons again.

Remaining Budget from last week: $33.77
This Week’s Budget: $50.00
Total Budget: $83.77
This week’s expenses: $50.93
Budget to carry over to next week: $32.84


Week 2 – Axial Universals & Battery Relocate

I was just too busy last week to get any run time in on the Poison Spyder Wraith. I didn’t want that to hold up the schedule though so I jumped right into the next round of upgrades. This week I added Axial’s front Universal shafts and then relocated the factory battery tray from the rear to up under the hood.

Here is the current state of the budget:
Remaining Budget from last week: $21.67
This Week’s Budget: $50.00
Total Budget: $71.67
This week’s expenses: $37.90
Budget to carry over to next week: $33.77

Week 1 – Before the First Run

Before I ever run this truck I will be doing a couple mods to help parts last as long as possible.

First, adding a Castle BEC to allow the stock ESC to run on 3s LiPO. Here is the method I use to wire in my BEC.


Second, changing the gearing to something that will not stress the stock Axial 20t motor so much. I chose to switch to an 84t spur and 16t pinion.


Week #1 Video

Check back every Thursday for updates on this build.

Axial Poison Spyder Wraith – $50 Budget Build

Here is the newest truck into the shop, the Axial Poison Spyder Edition Wraith. It rolled in last week during the rush to finish up my Hit & Run build. Since I had just finished building my version of the “
Ultimate” Wraith I sat down and talked through what I was contemplating for this truck. I posted the following video on my YouTube channel and asked people their thoughts. The majority seemed to agree with my initial idea, my version of a “Budget Build”. When I say budget build I don’t mean cheap parts, as I fully believe in the saying that “You get what you pay for”.


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