Top Gear Coffee Table Walkaround

This has been on of the most popular articles on my site. However I never did do a fantastic job of taking pictures once the project was completed. So now after nearly 2 years of daily use in my living room here is a video walkaround.


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The only unused room in the house is finally finding a purpose. It was planned to be our office/shipping room for the hardware sales and such but we have decided to add some livability as well. I have a tendency to create a whirlwind of clutter behind me worse that Taz! So maybe (doubtful) if we have a less formal area I can consolidate this slightly.

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In all of my searching to find a house, a basement workshop area was high on my priority list. When I found this house I knew I could transform the space into my perfect work area. The dark dinghy space had the perfect had potential to have everything I needed to work on all of my future projects. It would just take some careful planning, help from some friends, and a little cash.

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TV Mount

Rough Concept Sketch

Rough Concept Sketch

I wanted to get rid of my cheesy Walmart entertainment center that I had for years in every apartment I had lived in before. Ideally I wanted my TV mounted above my fireplace mantel, however my fireplace is tiled in a beautiful travertine tile. The last thing I wanted to do was damage the tile by drilling into it. It would also leave the problem of routing all my wiring as well. One night as some friends were over for beers we came up with an idea. Overly complicated but definitely fitting of my industrial design tastes, the next day I got to sketching.

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Top Gear Coffee Table

BBC's Top Gear stripped down Jaguar V12 coffee table

BBC’s Top Gear stripped down Jaguar V12 coffee table

On the BBC show Top Gear, they have a table fashioned from a Jaguar V12 engine block that sits in the center of there interview area. After purchasing my house in July of 2011 the first project I wanted to tackle was my own version of this iconic table.

Jaguar engine blocks are not readily available therefore they are not very affordable in this part of the world. I searched Craigslist for an aluminum block V8 and ended up finding the perfect donor.

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