This template is designed to be scaled perfectly to the fullsize version of the Goat Built IBEX 2-seat chassis when used with an Axial Wraith wheelbase. Skid plate and shock mounting points are not included in this template and need to be designed by the fabricator. This is a very basic template and leaves a lot of room for bracing and customizing by the builder. This is also a large chassis since it was truly scaled to the drawings that have been posted on the Ibex site.

Download the templates below and print them off on any standard printer. Make sure Page Scaling is OFF, measure the 1″ square box to check that everything is printing properly.

I do not ask for any payment for these, I just ask that you don’t redistribute or rehost them on your own. Please direct anyone who wants to download them to this site. Thank you! If you find the templates to be useful and would like to donate, that’s great and appreciated but NOT expected.

Click here to download the templates –> IBEX_TEMPLATES


Nearly completed base
If you use the templates, feel free to send me a link!
Here is a couple build threads of users of the templates:
Tylor’s Ultra4 Tuber
MNorby’s 2.2 IBEX
This user scaled the templates down to use the chassis on 1.9’s. 
Jethro’s 1.9 IBEX