King Sling and trucks like it were the original inspiration behind this truck.

king sling


This is one of my favorites! This chassis is best when built for either AR60 (Wraith, Ridgecrest, Deadbolt) or Mad Force axles. The tires shown below are Traxxas Emaxx tires that have been narrowed to 1.5″. This is NOT a service I offer. A nice tall tire on a 2.2″ wheel works well with this chassis. I suggest the RC4Wd TTC Baja Claw.


Be advised, that you should check the fitment of the B-pillar hoop (the hoop that would be just behind the drivers head) to make sure that it fits with the body that you plan to use. After adjusting that, just match up the rest of the bars to the modified shape, adjusting the other pieces should not be required. Shock mount tabs and the center transmission plate are not shown and are to be added by the fabricator.

Download the templates below and print them off on any standard printer. Make sure Page Scaling is OFF, measure the 1″ square box to check that everything is printing properly.

I do not ask for any payment for these, I just ask that you don’t redistribute or rehost them on your own. Please direct anyone who wants to download them to this site. Thank you! If you find the templates to be useful and would like to donate, that’s great and appreciated but NOT expected.


Click here to download the templates –>Mega Truck Templates

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