The inspiration for this chassis was based around a build I found on Pirate4x4. It was just a clean rebuild of an original Scout 800.


This chassis is designed to be built with 1/8″ solid rod and welded to an SCX10 chassis. It is not designed around any specific body and the hood is quite long which is based on the scale of the fullsize truck it was drawn to mimic. My personal build used hand formed steel panels but I am sure that there are lexan body options that will work.

The stock Axial shock towers will work with this chassis, these chassis plans are a cosmetic addition to the SCX10 chassis. However you can remove the stock shock towers and fabricate your own mounts onto the chassis as I did in the rear of my personal build.

Download the templates below and print them off on any standard printer. Make sure Page Scaling is OFF, measure the 1″ square box to check that everything is printing properly.

I do not ask for any payment for these, I just ask that you don’t redistribute or rehost them on your own. Please direct anyone who wants to download them to this site. Thank you! If you find the templates to be useful and would like to donate, that’s great and appreciated but NOT expected.

Click here to download the templates –> Scout Templates