This rear bed area is designed to fit the contour of the Tamiya Unimog cab. The chassis was designed to fit the Vaterra Ascender chassis initially and my version of this is currently under construction. I am confident that this could also be used on an Axial SCX10 chassis. The wheelbase is best fit to a 12″ wheelbase (Vaterra Ascender 302mm chassis settings or Axial Deadbolt/G6).

Currently this template set does not have the connection to the rails detailed, I recommend either using some sort of tab to bolt the portion to the chassis, or weld it directly to the frame rails. I plan to add an interior cage portion to these templates in the future as well, so check back. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see how progress is coming and that will give you an idea of when the cage is complete. This template is in the early stages of development as I am still building my version of this truck.

Download the templates below and print them, some of the sheets are on 11″x17″ but these are not the actual templates for bending, they are just reference sheets. So a standard printer will still get you what you need. Make sure Page Scaling is OFF, this is VERY IMPORTANT!!! Do not click fit to page. Print to ACTUAL SIZE.

I do not ask for any payment for these, I just ask that you don’t redistribute or rehost them on your own. Please direct anyone who wants to download them to this site. Thank you! If you find the templates to be useful and would like to donate, that’s great and appreciated but NOT expected. If you do use the templates, I’d enjoy to see what you create.



Click to download–>Unimog


More information on how I built this truck can be found in this video.


Here is an in-depth look at using the templates, as well as welding and brazing options.